Fake SMS And Fake Call Sender Apps For Android

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If you are thinking to have some fun with your friends, then the idea of how to send fake sms and calls is really going to work for you. Sms spoofing is actually a harmless prank that you can play on your friends and colleagues by using some of these cool fake sms and call apps for android we have provided below.

Today we have complied a list of fake sms and fake call sender apps for android.  These apps will let you make fake calls and sms by hiding your actual phone numbers. You can also choose a number of your own choice from which you wanna make a call or send sms to your friends and relatives. Fake sms and call apps are available on Google Play Store as well as you can download fake sms free apk from the links provided below.

1. Fake Call & SMS

Fake Call and SMS

 With nearly 5 million downloads to date, Fake Call & SMS is the best available free app to send fake sms and calls to fool your friends.

Main Features of Fake Call & SMS

Below are some considerable features of Fake Call & SMS:

  • Fake caller identity number
  • You can change the name of caller
  • You can also make fake call with picture
  • This app can schedule a fake call also
2. Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs

Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs

Fake Call and SMS and Call Logo is number second in our list of best fake sms and call sender apps. Call and SMS and Call Logo let you send fake outgoing call, fake incoming calls, sms and missed calls with a notification for each. With this app you can make fake calls with same screen and user interface as making a genuine call from you Samsung, Sony Erisson or HTC handset. Fake Call and SMS and Call Logo don’t appear in the list of installed app until you dial a default number 555 to launch it. 

3. Fake Call & Fake SMS

Fake call and Fake SMS

Fake call and Fake SMS is yet another cool app to make sms and call pranks. With over one million installs Fake call and Fake SMS considered to be the third best fake call and sms app in our list. Below are few main feature of the app.

Ø      It will let you set a specific name, phone number and pictures
Ø      You can record you voice that can be played during the call
Ø      Fake call and Fake SMS works even if you are offline

3. Sending Fake SMS

Sending Fake SMS

Fake SMS Sender let you send fake sms by hiding your actual number. The sms appears in the similar fashion to receiver as usual sms. The good thing about Sending Fake SMS is that it can send sms without using your cellular network and sim card. So it can send sms even if you are running out of credit.

4. Fake SMS

Fake SMS

Fake SMS is another cool app to create a whole fake conversation with anyone in your contact list. Fake SMS will automatically add any text message you create to your smartphone inbox and outbox. 

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